Movies Excursion

Discover and practice the secrets of behind-the-scenes photography techniques in lighting, composition, and editing that will help you capture stunning and impactful digital photographs. Put your newfound knowledge into action by creating your very own images and have a blast with our creative challenges. At StarTime, we believe in empowering young individuals to creatively express themselves using technology.

Event Start Date: 2024-06-23

Event End Date: 2024-06-24

Event Start Time: 07:00

Event End Time: 12:00

Event Venue: Peters Avenue

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Ticket Price: $40

Tickets Available: 1

Total Price: $40

What To Bring

StarTime will provide all children with a StarTime t-shirt at their first workshop. If your child has attended previously, please have them wear their StarTime shirt.


For a StarTime holiday workshop, it’s recommended that children bring the following:
  • Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important, especially during physical activities.
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea*: 2 nutritious snacks to keep energy levels up.
  • Lunch*: if you are unable to sign your child out for lunch, please pack a wholesome lunch for your child to enjoy during the break.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Dress in comfortable attire suitable for the planned activities.
  • Closed-toe Shoes: closed-toe shoes are advisable.
  • Sunscreen: If outdoor activities are planned, sunscreen is essential for sun protection.
*StarTime work to a strict ‘no nuts’ and ‘no sharing of food’ policy.


Important Information

Lunch Break: please consider signing your children out for lunch between 12:30pm-1:30pm during the workshops, giving our StarTime coaches their break time. If signing out isn’t possible, worry not, we’ll have an enjoyable movie time for the kids, allowing our coaching staff the opportunity to rest and have a bite to eat. While they’ll be present, this time is also their lunch period. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Walking Bus: A walking bus will leave CPB each morning at 10am (weather permitting) and head to Docklands Park. The children can stretch their legs, eat their morning tea and get some fresh air before heading back to CPB for the next workshop activity at 11am.


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